Geeta Rahman at Championship Point (Simon & Schuster, 2021)

A young girl’s fight to live her dream in a country trying to break free from its past.

It’s 1993 in New Delhi, the Babri Masjid demolition has just happened, and India is on the verge of opening its economy to the world. Growing up in this new, fast-changing country is twelve-year-old Geeta Rahman, a badminton prodigy and an aspiring servant of the Government of India, who is trying to come to terms with the recent death of her mother. Geeta Rahman at Championship Point is the story of a young girl caught between her greatest wish — to become India’s biggest badminton star — and the grief she is experiencing along with her father.

In this moving and original novel, Saskya Jain brilliantly weaves the personal and the political. As Geeta’s life within her tightly-knit community unfolds, the story of a liberalized India desperate to silence the ghosts of Partition also comes to the fore. The answer to whether or not Geeta succeeds, and at what price, is tied to this constantly changing landscape. Jain’s inventive prose establishes a strong sense of place and meticulously explores a young girl’s unique mindset, presenting us with an unforgettable narrator learning to find her place under the sun.

“It can be hard to pinpoint what a novel is about when the writer is as talented as Saskya Jain, weaving together multiple strands of history and fiction to produce a book so complex and stunning that you want to re-read it immediately after you have completed your first reading.” OPEN Magazine

“Saskya Jain is a unique talent. In her hands, a coming-of-age story becomes the story of us all. I admire this book so much.” Jeet Thayil

“Shuttling between joy and despair, hilarity and tragedy, Geeta Rahman will steal your heart… and break it.” Samit Basu

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