Fire Under Ash (Random House, 2014)

Fire%20under%20Ash_short#E4021BShortlisted for the 2015 SHAKTI BHATT FIRST BOOK PRIZE  

Published in September 2014, FIRE UNDER ASH (Random House India) was named one of the Sunday Guardian’s BEST BOOKS OF 2014 and the Business Standard’s TOP TEN BOOKS OF 2014.

When Ashwin, a wealthy Delhi boy, meets Lallan, a struggling student from Patna looking to make his fortune, their friendship, with their mutual love for the almond-eyed Mallika, seems to transcend the fault lines of class and privilege. But one night at a party, a fateful incident leads their worlds to unravel with consequences that change both their lives forever, and exposes the deep turmoil inherent in the frenetic energy of the new, aspiring India. “Remarkable first novel–sharp, deeply moving and full of truth.” — Mohammed Hanif, author of A Case of Exploding Mangoes and Our Lady of Alice Bhatti     “Most novelists know that it is very hard to write dialogue. Saskya Jain somehow makes it look easy. As a consequence you often feel that you are not reading but listening.” — Manu Joseph, author of Serious Men and The Illicit Happiness of Other People Get a copy of Fire Under Ash at your favourite bookshop or online at flipkart or amazon.

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